Single Wall Tiny House

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Single Wall Tiny House 128

Size: 8 x 16 studio
Height floor to peak: 11’
Side Wall height: 8 ft.

  • 2 foot roof overhang
  • Double Strap Foundation blocks 
  • Single Pitch Dutch Hip roof 
  • Boxed eaves
  • Painted Galvalume metal roof
  • continuous eave venting ridge vent or gable vents 
  • Entry door provided includes operable window
  • Includes low-e windows
  • 2 x 6 floor joist
  • Tongue and groove plywood floor.
  • Single wall construction, 4x4 wall studs, Paint grade plywood
  • 4x4 Roof Framing with plywood roof decking
  • Radiant barrier between plywood and roofing to reflect heat and reduce rain noise from metal roof
  • Hurricane and Earthquake strapping 4’ o.c. load path, foundation block to roof

Package includes pre-cut components for easy installation
On Site assembly required

Kit does not include:

  • Interior floor finish, paint, electrical, or plumbing

Items you may need that are not included in the Kit:

  • Site Work - Onsite construction labor - Building pad - Insulation - Drywall - Interior Finishes - Electrical - Plumbing - Paint
  • Septic engineering and septic system, gutters, water catchments
  • Plans with plot plan and building permit cost - Temp power, water, sanitation, Sales Tax

    Detailed Product Information:

    All Material to be Hi-Bor pressure treated #2 or better spruce/pine/fir


    • Double Strap Pier Blocks 
    • 2x8 floor joists 16” o.c. 
    • 5/8” thick tongue and groove sub floor

    Wall Framing

    • 2x4 sill with sill seal under 
    • Double 2x4 top plate 
    • 4x4 pre-cut wall studs 24” o.c.
    • Simpson hurricane straps 48” o.c.

    Roof Framing

    • 36” Roof Overhang 
    • 4X4 trusses @ 24” o.c.
    • Clearspan Trusses requires no interior posts
    • Truss gussets are structured plywood - Truss components come pre-cut and ready for assembly
    • 2x4 pressure blocks with 2” diameter vent holes screened with perforated vinyl
    • Simpson hurricane straps 48” o.c. 

    Siding and Trim

    • 5/8” thick T-1-11 siding 
    • 1x3 pine trim at corners, windows and doors
    • 2” select fascia 
    • exposed eaves 

    Roof Sheathing



    • Kynar Painted Galvalume Corrugated Roofing
    • Continuous ridge Vent 


    • Flush panel fiberglass door with vinyl jamb
    • Vinyl Sliding patio doors
    • Double pane low-e Glass
    • Screen 


    • White vinyl
    • Sliding unless otherwise noted 
    • Double Pane
    • Low E glass

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